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Prayer Request: Pray for my Marriage

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Pamela Stone

Pray for my Marriage (Sep 20, 2014)

Prayer Request:
My husband has left me for the second time in a year.  We have been married for 32 years and have a 23 yo son that lives out of state.  My husband has been taken hostage by satan with sexual sin, saying that the attention of younger women makes him happy and feel good.  That sexting with women makes him feel like a man and he has had a physcial affair with a family friend that started as a friend of our sons.  They had been meeting for breafast and happy hour for several months before I knew anything about it.  She is divorced and has a 3 yo daughter, she owns a local Tavern.The first time he left he saw a counselor for "mens issues" and by the time that I was invited to attend with Scott, the counselor was actually preparing me for Divorce that Scott told him that he wanted.  I had just had major surgery and had been taking care of my elder father for several years at this point, nothing was ideal for sure.  By begging and pleading with him he came back about a month later.  I think that he did try to work things out for a few weeks but the outside sexual temptation was too much and I learned later that he had falling back into it.  Waiting until I had gone to sleep and contacting the women and family friend via computer.  He also never unfriended the women on Facebook, yet both times he has left me not only and I unfriended but I am blocked.I tried the begging again with no luck, I tried being angry with not luck, I tried being kind and praying with him and he wanted NO part of that.This last time that he left, it was shortly after my father passed away on the 12th of August.  Labor day weekend we had both been invited to this "family friends" house for a pool party.  We were invited via facebook indivdually, he responded yes and told me later that he was going.  I said that I was not and he asked why and I said "really? I think you know why." By this time I knew that we was seeing her on a regular basis.  He did not even look up at me.  I went out of the house to go see a friend and I get a text from him saying "I am not happy and I want to leave" I asked him to wait until I got home so we could talk and he was gone by the time I turned around to drive back home.This was on the Thursday before Labor Day.  He came and got most of his things on that Friday and he brought the police with him so that I would not call him names or try to hurt him or myself.  I got fully in the word of God at this point trying to trust in him.  Scott went to the Pool Party that weekend and from what I understand spent several days with the "family friend".  I of course am setting at home being heartbroken.  There is also alcohol invovled as I believe that he is a functioning alcoholic.I know this is getting long and hard to read so, I will get to my request.  After much upset and stupid moves on my part to try to restore my marriage.  I have finally desided to let God work and I need your prayers that God will come into Scotts life again some how put someone there that he will want to listen to.  He has surrounded himself with non-believers.  That he would realize what he is doing is against the word of God and he will repent and come home and God will restore and heal our family.  Thank you for your prayers and God Bless you

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