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Prayer Request: Marriage Restoration and salvation of my husband

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Marriage Restoration and salvation of my husband (Mar 28, 2013)

Prayer Request:
I am asking to stand in agreement with me as I stand and pray in the gap for my marriage. Husband wants divorce and is with another woman at the moment. I believe the enemy is taken him captive and am asking to pray with an agreement for the salvation of my husband. He currently is away from God. This man knows God, but refuses to acknowledge his sin. I pray the Lord heal both our hearts and give us hearts of forgiveness, because I know I also contributed to the demise of my marriage.

   Discussion: Marriage Restoration and salvation of my husband
John (anon) · 6 years, 10 months ago
My name is John for close to a year now my wife Jasmine and I have been separated now. We have a child together named Oliver. She is now on such a different path then I am. I'm far from a the man I try so hard to be each day. I think the right things and do and say the wrong. The only time I feel complete is on Sundays in church and being with our son now. Other then that when I leave church I'm right back to feeling very lost. She made me feel complete when we where together as a family. Once she left I completely lost my mind over everything in my life and became very depressed. Last year I tried to commit suicide four times and twice in one day. I feel so lost. we had so many plans together for our future as a family. I understand she does not love me anymore but I can't seem to get over all of this and move on with my life. I've lost so many friends over all of this between her and I. The only thing I managed to do was stay sober during it all. She spends her time away from our son partying with her friends a lot more now then she ever did before. I'm so worried about her everyday and I love her so much. I have tried dating and I for some reason I feel very bad about it. But I feel like I must date and try to find someone now that wants to have a family with me because the relationship with Jasmine is so far gone that it seems very unfixable. I pray my heart out constantly all day that there is some kind of break in this between her and I and we can have some kind of break through. She is a good mother and women but seems to be making a lot of bad chooses when it comes to the people in her life and the men she chooses to date. I pray and pray and pray for something to happen. She once told me she prayed for years for me. That I would give my life back to The Lord, get and stay sober and try to be a better man for her and our son. Once I began my new path she ended it all and left and took our son with her. It ruined me and I just haven't been the same ever since. No matter how much in the holy sprit I become and try to minister to her she completely shut me down and ruins my sprit. Then I find myself back to being ten steps back again. I ruin all my hard work in one day with my mouth and the hurtful things I use as a rebuttal and don't even mean the things I say. She refuses to talk to me now and only contacts me through texting. I miss my family so much and am willing to do anything it takes to make it work. I'm so confused about my life now and where it's going to end up. He is the only family I have left here. I just don't know up from down now. Move on? I pray each day and lift my separated family up to The Lord because I know I have no control over it. Can you please pray for me, my wife and my son and the restoration of my marriage. That The Lord will continue to work I'm our life's. I don't know the outcome of my life. I love my family very much. 

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